Recommended sites

JADAM method summary
JADAM presentation
Another link besides here for Cho's Global Natural Farming
The Natural Way of Farming by Masanobu Fukuoka PDF
The Unconventional Farmer-Gil Carandang
APNAN Manual for EM-1
Natural Farming Hawaii
30 year study by Rodale Institute
Microbial Inoculant: Modern Era of Fertilizers and Pesticides
Great blog by a Catalonian Microbiologist
Kyusei  Nature  Farming  and  Environmental  Management  Through
Effective  Microorganisms  -  The  Past,  Present  and  Future
Thai Natural Farming
International Nature Farming Research Center
Bacteria in Agrobiology PDF
Natural Farming in the Philippines
Organic Agriculture: A Global Perspective
Beneficial Indigenous Microorganisms and Bionutrients in Natural Farming
Bokashi Compost Manual
Indigenous Microorganisms By Dr. Hoon Park
Introduction to Natural Farming
Intro to EM-1
Restoration Mycology
Patent from the 1950's on producing microbe soil conditioners
Story of JIm Martin, patenter of the above^
SQ worm society
Intro to Probiotic Gardening
Fermentation Journal
Open Source Seed Initiative
Great Compost tea info by Tim Wilson
Great forum
Seattle Tilth
Gardening with Microbes
Bacterial Fungal Hyphens
Rudolph Steiner Archive
Natural Farming Secrets
Bread from Stones PDF
Make your own mycorhizzae
Albrecht inspired information on remineralization
Articles by Gary Kline
info on IMO's and KNF
Handbook of Microbial Biofertilizers
Regenetarians Unite
Gut Complexity and LAB
ATTRA sustainable ag
Lactobacillus info
Beneficial Microbes
Shumei Natural Agriculture
Natural farming: Eco-friendly and sustainable?
Vedic Farming