Guerilla Bioremediation

or Do unto those downstream as you would have them do unto you. This a modified version of EM mudballs but made with local Indigenous Micro Organisms(IMO) instead of Effective Microorganisms but the same results of cleaning up the watersheds with beneficials. I bokashied(fermented) some wheat mill run with a culture of IMO2 from last summer for two weeks, then mixed it with about equal parts clay which were then rolled into the mudballs. Let them sit for a week or two to harden up so they maintain their shape in the waters. It took two hours for my friend and I to mix and make about 224 which then are being thrown into ponds and streams around my house. August 8th is World EM Mudball Day, established in Malaysia celebrating throwing 1.2 million of them into the waters in Penang, who were in turn inspired by Japan's clean up of the Inland Sea with one million mudballs and many thousands of gallons of liquid solution in 2000/2001. This would be a great thing for educators worldwide to get children involved with.
Here is some extra information:…/water-treatm…/HowToMakeEMMudBall.pdf