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Method summary

By incorporating microbial inoculants with a no-till agriculture system, there is a home for the microbes to reproduce as a carbon rich soil can both house and feed a diverse population. Using the IMO's to enzymatically digest and make bioavailable through fermentation, hormones and minerals in various solutions you can apply to plants at various growth stages what the plant needs whether in vegetative or blooming cycles. Different times of a seasonal cycle call for different ionic metabolites, which facilitated by wildcrafting "weeds" from your local ecosystem, makes for a most a fun fun and economical form of ethnobotany. What is in abundance in our own habitats can be using as sustainable, naturally occurring resources that break our reliance on the global petroleum addiction, all the while helping heal and replenish our surroundings, providing nutrition for our friends and families. By taking cultures from established ecosystems we can bring a microbial diversity to our gardens, orchards, farms and livestock operations.